Pinned up copy

Watiets was invited to the festive opening of Marcel Wanders exhibition ‘Pinned Up’ in the Stedelijk Museum of Art, Amsterdam.

So we went to see and had a great evening, what an extraordinary mind this great designer has. We cannot say we love his style, but we totally agree that Dutch design has grown to a world leading business thanks to Marcel Wanders, so a big Thanks for that!

And a great exhibition it is, and wowie the new Stedelijk is also worth a visit!


AfbeeldingAs designers we like to work for large companies, and so we are used that our designs don’t carry our names.

But every once in while we are so proud about something, we just neeeeed to point out that we, Watiets, Chris van Middendorp and Sarah Pieterse, designed this certain product.

Now here is one of those once in a whiles, because we proudly discovered that some of the products we made for Basil are for sale at Victoria and Alberts Museum shop in London! How cool is that! So if you are in London, and are in need of a very designy bicycle basket, just pop in V&A and get these very delicious Basil bottle baskets!

And while you are bicycling around London, now you can think of us, because you know we made the design…;-)

Today we decided it was time to visit our local flee market which we now learned, is situated in an old jet very beautiful factory. A perfect location to start a slow sunday. The stand owner probably didn’t intent to… but his random arrangement of old picture frames made a perfect inspirational collage! What a lovely sunday it was…

old factory