watiets gezien


Another great thing we saw in Switserland is the way the houses are decorated. In a beautiful folkloristic, naive way, and oh so pretty!


Watiets souvenirWatiets church benchWatiets went to Switserland and saw, apart from A.LOT.OF.SNOW, also a lot of Swiss beauties. What better way to capture your memories then picking or carving them….

Watiets’heart’ Switserland.

More to come!

(And oh oh oh how exciting news coming up very very soon! Keep an eye out for Uppercase!!))

Pinned up copy

Watiets was invited to the festive opening of Marcel Wanders exhibition ‘Pinned Up’ in the Stedelijk Museum of Art, Amsterdam.

So we went to see and had a great evening, what an extraordinary mind this great designer has. We cannot say we love his style, but we totally agree that Dutch design has grown to a world leading business thanks to Marcel Wanders, so a big Thanks for that!

And a great exhibition it is, and wowie the new Stedelijk is also worth a visit!