“Imagine, you are 3 years old, you have just woken up ready for the new day to begin. You want to start by doing something new, but your are not yet quite sure what that thing is. What to do? You jump up and say: ‘ I’m going to do watiets! Excited, you step into the world looking for watiets.”

WATIETS is a Dutch wordplay on -why-something-what-. It is a phase young children go through when growing up. They start making all sorts of clever inquisitive observations. We’re proud, and rightly so, to have kept hold of this inquisitive phase; we like to question the things we come across and have adopted this curious mindset into our daily work. Being inquisitive constantly helps us to explore possibilities, be intuitive and stretch our boundaries.

WATIETS is a collaboration of to Dutch freelance designers, Chris van Middendorp and Sarah Pieterse, with a similar vision. We try to maintain our curious mind and translate our wonders into designs. We hope you will enjoy WATIETS just like we do!

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