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A completely new site, in English, and our blog is now part of our homepage, so you can find all WATIETS in one space! Yay!





Another great thing we saw in Switserland is the way the houses are decorated. In a beautiful folkloristic, naive way, and oh so pretty!

Screen shot 2014-03-13 at 16.25.41Watiets has been loving Uppercase (for the creative and curious) ever since they started out almost 5 years ago.

When they opened a pitch for their Surface Pattern design guide 2014, that comes along upcoming issue #21, we decided we would send some of our work.

And guess what! We got selected together with 99 others out of almost 300(!!!!) submissions…. WHOOOOPPIEIEIEIE!

To celebrate this, Uppercase has sent us a discount code you can use when subscribing to the magazine. So anyone feeling creative and curious, fill in ‘USPDG2014′ and get Uppercase at your doorstep! And believe us, its worth every penny.

So because the rest of the world doesn’t speak dutch, and we own a beautiful but dutch-written┬á website, we are now working franticly on a ‘NEW NEW NEW’ website, a certain something, je ne sais quoi….

As soon as we are online, read all about it here! A bientot!

Watiets souvenirWatiets church benchWatiets went to Switserland and saw, apart from A.LOT.OF.SNOW, also a lot of Swiss beauties. What better way to capture your memories then picking or carving them….

Watiets’heart’ Switserland.

More to come!

(And oh oh oh how exciting news coming up very very soon! Keep an eye out for Uppercase!!))