Maandelijks archief: juni 2013

Today we decided it was time to visit our local flee market which we now learned, is situated in an old jet very beautiful factory. A perfect location to start a slow sunday. The stand owner probably didn’t intent to… but his random arrangement of old picture frames made a perfect inspirational collage! What a lovely sunday it was…

old factory


OOoooh how very exciting this was. We obviously hoped for thousends of enthusiastic participants, but 5 is also very nice. Therefor the winning chances are huge, so thats good news for all who joined in!

So we hired a very independent person to draw the lucky numbers…..



And he read out loud: ‘Takke Dieke’ and ‘Oma Yvon’.

So that was clear, the winners are, as clearly readable in the picture, Wendymay and Fenna. How lucky, once a duo, always a duo I guess!

Congrats ladies, you can start waiting for the mailman from beginning next week…



Tataratataaaaa! As we are very happy (see previous blog) and on the verge of a major office move, we decided on a give away.

We design by doing and therefor have many unique try-out samples. Today we start a give-away on two of those samples, if you like bags and falling bricks, send us an email or leave a comment to this post.

We will find a very independent person/bird/computer/baby to draw the lucky numbers on Friday 28th of June.

Good luck!